How to write a book


Why hold a pen and commit suicide is the same, because in the process, courage and mind control must be as much as committing suicide.
Yet imagine that a man climbs 15 to commit suicide and jumps from above. Now a situation like thinking is created here. Jumping is not coming back to me, just waiting for death, as if the first part of the body touches or death immediately, but in the corner of Kyaak Kyaak, I feel even worse than suicide. Article on this book Began to write from

important? pro how to write a book

If you look, after suicide, there is only one result, only death, but once you take the pen in hand, you can see many kinds of results, because once you read what is written, it cannot be changed and many meanings of words are lost. Even if it is done and read in a positive way, a lot will change here and so the name of the book is also the same that even the thoughts look at the situation as it happens, so let’s move forward now because my mind has become lighter. Make a start and then you will have a mind in the beginning

how to write a book

thing to do ! when you write a book

Is it possible to load or not? Yaar aa saruvat ma je prashn aave che ne ke su thase? That is the biggest curve of life. Let’s take an example and understand …..
When you visit a stranger, many thoughts come to your mind, how can that person laugh? There are many such questions that come to your mind but once you meet and get acquainted and then when you have to visit again, not a single question arises in your mind.

In short, the solution to all the problems comes or will it be?
There are two sides to this, as I have written before.
The first side: in which you only think that if I meet that person, he will reject me? I can’t tell him what’s on my mind?
On the other hand: Once you have the courage to meet Love Chaal! Or the hashtags that are found directly.
This is how the situation is found and you are carved from both sides, a war is going on between the heart and the mind, from both sides … such a situation arises.

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